No, The Scene Isn’t Secure!

The wicked crave evil; their neighbors get no mercy from them.

Proverbs 21:10

The Righteous One takes note of the house of the wicked and brings the wicked to ruin

Proverbs 21:12

I am writing this morning because of a tweet out of the Chaz/Chop that just infuriated me. Now before I link to the tweet, allow me to give some background on what is being referenced here. On Thursday night/Friday Morning, 2 people were shot at the park in Chaz/Chop. Both were transported to the hospital “by Chop medics” where one died of his injuries and the other was being treated for ‘Life Threatening Injuries’

After the shooting, Seattle Police Department responded and were denied entry into the crime scene. Basically they were told that they couldn’t come in, they were not welcome there and that CHAZ/CHOP would investigate.

Well, here’s the tweet:

Now, in this video, we see two Seattle Fire Dept. Apparatus, one an ambulance and the other referred to as Medic (Where I come from, Medic refers to the Ambulance and Rescue is a truck but I digress) who have responded and are staging while they wait for clearance to enter the scene. In the mean-time, an angry man accosts the medics and begins shouting at them and ordering them to enter the scene.

One of the medics then tells him, “We don’t have clearance”. The man then excoriates him, saying in substance ‘We gave you clearance, we’ll clear the way for you…” Earlier in the video he tells the medics, “You can’t be afraid to enter”.

Well, this is an angry man, walking around both vehicles, shouting obscenities and verbal abuse at them. That would make any medic nervous. To say nothing of the fact that it was a shooting and the scene wasn’t secure…but again, I digress.

Without law enforcement support, those medics would be on there own and at the mercy of a group of people that is notoriously hostile to any person wearing a badge, whether they are a cop, a firefighter or private security.

While I understand that this man may have been genuinely distressed by what he had perceived to be inaction on the part of the Seattle FD Medics, the truth is that these medics were following established protocol. A protocol that we are taught in EMT Basic and is drilled into us throughout our training, from EMT Basic through Paramedic. Historically in these so-called ‘Occupied Protests’, lawlessness reigns. Police, Security…pretty much anyone wearing a badge is a target of the rage mob and this protest has shown no difference.

Add to tat fact that at the time, no one had identified who the shooter was. No one knows if he as still in the area waiting or if head fled the scene. No one had any knowledge of motive…nothing. There is literally now way the leadership at CHAZ/CHOP could possibly insure the safety of those medics.

By refusing to allow the police in to secure the scene and investigate the shooting, they’ve pretty much guaranteed that the culprit will likely never be found. Even if he was found, there will be no fair trail…indeed, with the mentality of that mob, it’s unlikely there would even be a trial if they catch the shooter.

The tragic part of this is, that someone died and possibly could have been saved, had they let the police (and subsequently the fire department) in to do their jobs. Their anger (much of it misdirected) at cops and their own hubris prevented them from doing the right thing and letting them do their jobs. As a result one man is dead and another struggles for his life.

Instead of owning responsibility for what happened, they’ve instead decided to play the race card and try to deflect responsibility onto the Paramedics. They’ve chosen to broadcast this drivel and cast it as the Paramedics refused to enter the scene because they were racist. Never mind the fact that any EMT worth their badge will tell them that those medics were following a protocol designed to keep them safe and prevent them from becoming additional victims.

I remember the 1992 Rodney King riots. During those riots, Firefighters and Paramedics had to have SWAT team members or National Guard troops riding with them because people were actually shooting at responding Fire Trucks and Ambulances as they responded to calls.

By 1993, Galls Inc. and other Public Safety Suppliers were providing EMS vests with Ballistic protection (read Body Armour) built in. Prior to 1992, we didn’t have to worry about issuing body armor to medics.

EMT’s are not armed. Not typically Armored, but very vulnerable when you are talking about entering an unsecured crime scene. Now, I have extensive training and experience as a Private Security Officer. I’ve also worked for 6 years as a Firefighter/EMT and I can tell you this. If I was one of those medics, I definitely would feel uncomfortable and intimidated by that man’s words and actions. I would definitely NOT be entering until the scene was secured by Law Enforcement.

While this had nothing really to do with race, rather the safety of the responders, mark my words, they will spin this to be about race. I expect that the usual media lapdogs will seize on this and dutifully parrot out the narrative that these medics refused to enter the scene because it was a black victim. They will push for the names of the medics to be released to the public and cry out for them to be fired for daring to put their own safety over the life of a black man.

This is how far we’ve fallen. It’s sad, but it’s true. These people hate America and what we stand for. They hate our institutions. This isn’t about Race anymore, it’s about starting a violent revolution and tearing down the US to be rebuilt in the image desired by the Anarcho-Socialists.

That’s how I see this anyway. For me? It’s time to take my oldest son fishing and take a break from the crazy before this stupidity ruins my day any further.

God Bless and Happy Fathers Day

(Authors note: This was originally written yesterday. I didn’t get it published until today so…Happy Father’s Day Late.)