War Drums

This is a reprint and a revisit from an entry I wrote back in 2017 after Steve Scalise was shot. I think in light of a few posts I’ve seen on Twitter, that I needed to revisit this post.


“My times are in your hands;

Deliver me from the hand of my enemies,

and from those who persecute me…”  Ps. 31:15

“Oh, love the LORD, all you his saints!

For the LORD preserves the faithful,

And fully repays the proud person.

Be of courage,

and HE shall strengthen your heart,

All you who hope in the LORD.”  Ps. 31:23-24

So, this morning, while checking Drudge Report for updates on the Grenfell Tower fire, I learned of the attack on the practice session for the GOP for their annual Congressional Baseball Game.

Now, several hours have passed and we know that the house majority whip, Steve Scalise, is in critical condition as well as one other person.  2 capital police officers, a lobbyist and a congressional staffer are among the wounded from this vicious attack.

While the media will jump on this as an excuse to further restrict the 2nd amendment rights of Americans, they will downplay the bigger story.  That is the fact of the increasing violence and rhetoric of the left toward the right.  I however, will not.  I will not downplay this nor will I ignore the implications.

For years, there has been this increasing hatred from the left towards anyone who leans right of center politically.  One need look no further than social media, the entertainment industry or the pages of Politico, Huffington Post or…Saturday Night Live.

Since the election, no, even before the election, the left have been increasingly violent, not only in rhetoric but in action.  From attacks on Trump supporters at Trump Campaign rallies to the campus at UC Berkeley to today’s attack.

The Media has been largely silent on this as have Celebrities and Politicians from the left.  They quickly condemn any hint of violence against the left (and when there is none, they have no problems making it up), they refuse to condemn violence against the right unless it fits in with a particular narrative or furthers their agenda.

When Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Tuscon, Az; the left rushed out to condemn the right and blame Sarah Palin for her famous graphic ‘Targeting’ congressional seats held by Democrats.  In the aftermath of that tragedy they cried loud and long for civility in politics.  Where is that civility now?  Where has been their call for civility since last summer?  It’s been absent.  They conveniently ignored that the perpetrator of that heinous attack, Jared Laughtner, was a radical leftist.

Where were the calls for civility today from the left?  Where were the calls from civility when a professor at a college in California was beating a man with a kryptonite bike lock?  Where is the condemnation for what this man has done?  Instead we get self serving comments from Sanders (The guy worked on his campaign) and comments posted like “1 down 216 to go.”

The vitriol is so vile and pervasive amongst the left that it’s astounding.  Now before I get accused of ignoring the same from the right…No…No, I don’t.  I frequently stand up against that behaviour from those on the right.  I have frequently called people out for their bad behaviour including on sites that I am a member of.

I have seen violent rhetoric on BOTH sides of the aisle and I have spoken out against it.  But NOWHERE is it as pervasive, as violent or as hateful as I have seen in the last year coming from ‘Progressives’ on the left.  And rather than calling out their own, they double down and defend their actions as they have with  people like Kathy Griffin.

Make no mistake, these people despise us, no matter what we do.  They want to kill us, they want to imprison us.  They openly, and without the slightest hint of irony, scream loudly for our extermination or imprisonment.  Where then is the civility?

While they’ve screamed for civility when it benefitted them, they are silent in their condemnation now.  The hypocrisy, it seems, is boundless.

Back in November, I’d posted a hopeful message and a call for prayer.  I’d prayed for Unity…but taken as a whole, it has become clear to me that that goal is out of reach.  There can be no unity with people who seek nothing more than to destroy you.  That hope has been shattered by 7 months of hateful, vile vitriol and violence perpetrated by the left against the right.

So my prayers today, in addition to prayers for the healing and recovery of those wounded in todays cowardly act; are for protection for those of us who simply wish to be free to believe as we will, vote as we will and uphold the constitution.  My prayers are for protection of those of us on the right.  Because it is clear that we are headed for an all out war.