Welcome to Lone Voice v. 3.0

Hello, and welcome to Lone Voice v. 3.0. As the title implies, this is the Third iteration of my blog and hopefully will last longer than the other two.

Things have been a bit crazy for me and I wasn’t able to update much before and I wasn’t able to maintain the site as I had wished. Combine that with some financial issues my wife and I were struggling with, it was a matter of continuing to pay for the site or pay other, more important bills.

Since then, she changed jobs and I started working in Private security again, so I did not have the time to put into restarting the blog. On top of everything else, my wife’s new job made it difficult for her to help me to restart the site. It is here that I am going to thank my wife, Melissa, for her time and effort into making all three versions of my site a reality. She is the one who set the site up and maintained it for me. All I did was the writing and publishing.

So, with all that said, I look forward to this next incarnation of my madness. While I am still insanely busy, recent events have shown me that it is more important than ever that I resume these articles. Thank you all.